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Why we developed the muscle management service to a predominantly weight loss and health service provider.

1Weight loss can be done without exercising or with light exercise. Medical science has proved that there are health and well-being benefits to exercise. Muscle management maintenance isn’t easy, some people believe you can go back to your old lifestyle and continue living that way, but that simply isn’t the case. W2RN can educate you and help you maintain your desired body.

We aim to educate clients that exercising is a lifestyle, not a fad to look hot for the holidays, or pump up the guns to go partying. Exercise is one of these lifestyle changes that have to take place, ask us why when we meet and we will share how medical science now proves exercise is a required lifestyle activity.

2Not everyone wants to or has the time to gym as much as more serious athletes do. Our objective is to help you choose an obtainable goal, this has to be attainable with what you have available in resources and time. We simply design an eating and exercising program around that for you, and teach you how to get the most out of what you have.

Most people do not know what is required to achieve their ideal body, and underestimate that hard work and effort needed. Our first meeting with after sign up will involve discussing your goal body, and what is required of you to achieve it.

3This program is not only for those who have lost weight on one of our programs. It is also for the individual that simply needs to exercise properly with a goal in mind. Weight loss is possible on the muscle management program. We call it cutting. Six pack showing etc, but if you need to lose serious weight we will recommend you complete a weight loss program first the come over to this program.


Society needs to realise that exercising and healthy living is a lifestyle, not simply a fad or only for “exercise freaks”, this is a misconception, and does push many seeking to improve their health or body away from the idea.

Your life and health literally revolve around some very basic principles. They all have very specific goals that need to be achieved in order that your health wheel turns correctly.

  1. Exercise
  2. Eat healthy
  3. Sleep
  4. Rest, meditation or just simply taking time out.
  5. Time in the sun.
  6. A spiritual endeavour.
We discuss this all at our meeting prior to you joining. We try to cover all bases, however you can choose how much you want us to help you.

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We have noticed a new phenomena developing in the cycle industry, people cross from mountain bike to road bike and wondering why they are going slower on the road bike.

We now offer a training service to cyclists. You want to improve? Just drop us a line and we will take it from there.

About Our Personal Trainers

We have an excellent, well trained team of personal trainers, read on to learn more about them. Our dynamic team will be gaining a new lady personal trainer. We also cater to those that are more mature in age, and seeking the benefits of maintaining a tailored exercise program.

Contact us to book now.

Craig Orr

I’ll start with Craig, as he has a two-fold job responsibility. Shortly (weeks) to be Dr. Craig Orr (Chiropractor), he is our preferred Chiropractor and he is also one of our qualified personal trainers. A great combination, Craig has a unique understanding of the body based on his medical speciality and Craig is also a competitive body builder.

“I have a massive passion for fitness! I am a passionate bodybuilder, I played provincial rugby and water polo from 14 years of age till 21. I have also competed provincially in power-lifting. Fitness is not just a health benefit for me it’s my therapy, time for me to clear my head and have some self meditation from the outside world. Outside of the fitness circle my passions are anything outdoor and adrenaline related, and spending time with family. I have competed in three bodybuilding shows two of them being provincial and South African champs.”


Rowan McGregor

Rowan is a qualified sport scientist and a competitive bodybuilder.
Rowan started with consistent (serious) gym in 2012.
First body building show in 2015
2nd show in 2017, Arnold’s qualifier in 2017.
3rd show , Arnold classic South Africa, 2017.

Rowan fell in love with fitness and anatomy of muscle development after his first show when seeing the men’s muscle physique division, clean, toned, cut, all round developed physique.

  • Always intrigued to trying out new types of training and what works best for certain physiques having it be genetically inclined or declined athletes.
  • Making health and fitness more of a lifestyle, then an everyday chore



Weight Loss

Weight Loss

W2RN offers programs designed to assist you to lose weight if you choose a non-exercise option, a light to medium exercise option or an option for extreme-exercise.


Muscle Management

Muscle Management

W2RN caters for the individual that simply needs to exercise properly with a goal in mind, or for the serious athlete who wants to compete.


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