Our Founder

About the W2RN Founder

Robert, the founder of W2RN, knows the struggles to lose weight and keep it off only too well! He too battled with being overweight and was unhealthy for most of his life. His success on this program has turned his life around and has motivated others to do the same. W2RN was founded to offer affordable individualised programs to restore hormonal imbalance that assists to lose weight as quickly as your body will allow and keep it off, plus much more, like reverse weight growth (restoring your health and body weight to your frames norm after an eating disorder like anorexia or others) and muscle growth, (adding muscle to your frame). Robert has found that most medical issues can be reversed through a contolled lifestyle and exercise with the ability to better cope with life’s negative issues.

Robert’s passion has infiltrated the organisation at every level and he is currently completing an advanced specialized nutrition program.

Robert has achieved an astonishing physical transformation since he started seriously working out in his mid-fifties. He put on 30kg of muscle in just over 3 years and at nearly 60 years of age, he has changed his body. He has coached many people in weight loss and other disciplines and his passion for health is why he now brings W2RN to you – everyone is different but all can benefit!

You can learn more about Robert’s personal journey on his personal website.